Do I need a reservation for meals?
Not as a rule. If you have a large party (8 or more) you can call ahead and we'll try to make accomodations for you. Please note that reservations are subject to availablity. Sometimes the people whose table you are scheduled for will linger over coffee. We will attempt to seat you as quickly as possible.

Do you impose automatic gratuities on large parties?
The answer to this used to be Negative! However, after a number of incidents where large parties loved the food and service, they thought that a small percentage of the bill was enough compensation for the server, not realizing that they had to forgo other tables to wait on them. We very reluctantly charge 18% on parties of 10 or more.

Does Ciro's have a smoking section?
Negative. Ciro's has been a non-smoking establishment since its opening in 1996

How do you pronouce Ciro?
Cheer-O. In Italian the Ci at the start of words is pronounced Ch

Do you host parties?
Yes! We have an upstairs party room that can accomodate up to 60-70 people or so. We can handle about 60 people downstairs also if you want to rent out the entire facility.

Does Ciro's have a full liquor license?
Yes we do.

Can we bring our own wine to dinner?
No, sorry that's not allowed. If there is a particular wine that you want please call ahead and we'll try to acquire it for you before you arrive.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA charge cards and Traveler's Checks

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